Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Helping Hands...

Well, well, well... We are certainly on a journey in Room 28 - Ms B has been playing with a new website called PowToon - Check out our Inquiry mission...

Friday, 19 September 2014

Marvin's Skiing Adventure

Marvin recently spent the week skiing with Annabelle and her family.
They created some very technological skis and some gear to keep him warm. Check out his first lesson...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Annabelle, Erin and Terri's Semaphore flags

The war has begun. You must help us decode our message to win...
Annabelle, Erin and Terri

Jenny, Selina and Lily's Semaphore flags

Can you try to decode our secret message? Write your answer in the comment box below the video.
Jenny, Selina and Lily

Lily, Yashvi and Alex's Semaphore flags

Can you guess our secret code? If you dare write your answer in the comment box below the video.
Lily, Yashvi and Alex

James' Semaphore flags

Can you explain what I am saying? Write your answers in the comment box below.

Charlie, Edwin, Penelope and Lili's Semaphore flags

Dare to discover our secret message? Figure it out and comment your answer below...
Charlie, Edwin, Penelope and Lili

Leon, Ben and Josef

If you can, try to decode our message and write the answer in the comment box below.
Leon, Ben and Josef

Charels, Mohammed and Harrison's Semaphore flags

We challenge you to watch our video and figure out our message.
Charels, Mohammed and Harrison

Archie and Mia's Semaphore flags

When you get a chance try to figure out our War themed message and write it in the comment box below.
Archie and Mia

Madeline and Tara's Semaphore flags

Here's our semaphore message. Are you able to figure it out?
Madeline and Tara

Rici and Amelia's Semaphore message

What does our message say? Can you figure it out?
Please comment below if you think you know...
Rici and Amelia

Friday, 5 September 2014

WW1 puzzle pieces

We have been learning about World War One , here are some puzzle pieces that we enjoyed doing .

Semaphore Flag Task

We have been learning about World War One and how different communities used communication in that time. We learnt about morse code and how to send a message using Semaphore Flags. 
There will be some posts coming soon, which show groups of us sending you a message. 
Please watch the message and figure out what we are trying to tell you. 
Then leave a comment underneath to tell us what the message says. Also leave your name in the comment and there may be some spot prizes.

Good luck! :) 

From Room 28

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Bula from Africa

Bula from Africa...

I hope you all had a restful and fun break over the holidays! 

Well, I've been in Africa for a week now. I spent the first few days in Kenya - getting used to the tenting side of this trip, and the last four days I've been in uganda.

On Tuesday we went to Queen Elizabeth National Park where we spent three hours trekking chimpanzees.  Unfortunately we didn't see any, but we did get to see other monkeys - Monty was very happy! We also go to drive around the park with a herd of elephants. They were huge!

My favourite day so far, was definately when we went to visit a children's orphanage. I spent time in the classroom with them and then got to teach for a little while. It's very different here. Their floor was made of dirt, there was no technology and each class had between 30 and 40 children.  We are so lucky at Parnell!  The children then took us outside and taught us a few songs and dances. Very fun!

Yesterday was the hardest day so far. We spent 8.5 hours trekking through the mountain jungle in Lake Bunyonyi searching for gorillas. It was extremely difficult and we were very high up! After four hours we found a family of 10 gorillas. There was one baby and one big Silverback male. It was incredible to be so close to them (we were allowed to stand 2 metres away from them). Unfortunately after an hour with them we had to leave.  Because gorillas are so close to humans they can catch bugs and diseases from us so we couldn't spend very long with them.

Today is a day of rest.  I need it after that long trek yesterday! We leave for a place called Ginga tomorrow.  It's around 11 hours of driving but once we get there , there are plenty of new and exciting adventures to be done!

Say hello to Mrs K for me. Perhaps she can share this with the rest of the class. 

I will write again when I can.

Be safe, be kind and keep smiling,
Ms Brown


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Crocodile Creche

Well done Kakapo's! You have all worked really hard this week to get through the work you had given to you. This will be your first Blog task. Read the instructions clearly and make sure you check your spelling and punctuation before you submit your answer.
For this task you will need to use the information that you have researched about crocodiles in activity E.

Fist click the 'comment' button below this post.
Answer the following questions by typing them into the comment box:

  1. What is the crocodiles species name?
  2. What do they eat?
  3. Where do they live?
  4. Give one other interesting fact about it too.

Here is an example in case you get stuck:

Ms Brown
Name:                    Saltwater Crocodile
Eats:                       Fish and small mammals
Lives:                     In and around Australia
Fact:                      Crocodiles have an egg tooth when they are born

Killer Plants

Killer plants - it sounds like a scary book! 
We now know that there are many different types of carnivorous plants in the world. We even have a few here in NZ too!
In A, Did I Understand, question 8 asks you which carnivorous plant is your favourite and why.

  1. Click on the comment button below and list your favourite Carnivorous plant and at least three reasons why that is your favourite one.
  2. Next, look at someone else's favourite plant. Click 'reply' underneath and list one interesting fact that you know about that plant.

Your comments should be based purely on the reasons other have posted. Remember to check your spelling an punctuation before you submit your answer.

Jay's Treasure

Jay's treasure is not your conventional treasure! He spends lots of his time beach-combing his local bays and beaches. In activity C you were asked to make as many words as you possible can using just the letters from the word TREASURE. 

  1. Click on the comment button below and list the following: 2 words with just 2 letters, 3 words with 3 letters, 4 words with 4 letters and as many 5 letter words as you can.
  2. Next, look at someone else's words and give them some feedback on how they went.

Your comments should be positive and constructive. Remember to check your spelling an punctuation before you submit your answer.

The Problem With Pluto

Poor old Pluto was kicked out of our Solar System a few years ago. 
In activity E, Defend, you were asked to pretend you were a lawyer and argue that Pluto should still be a planet in our Solar System.

  1. Click on the comment button below and give one descriptive reason (should be longer than one sentence) that you, as Pluto's lawyer, have come up with.
  2. Next, look at someone else's reason. Pretend that you are the scientist that decided Pluto was no longer classed as a planet and record a response by clicking the 'reply' button.   
Your comments should be based purely on the reasons other have posted. Remember to check your spelling an punctuation before you submit your answer.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Plight of the Sea Turtle

This week you've learnt quite a bit about the poor old Sea Turtle. 
In section D, you were asked to find out more about Lady Vini.

  1. Select 'Comment' beneath this post and add two pieces of information about Lady Vini.   (Please write this information as full sentences rather than one or two words).
  2. Can you find out the most recent location of Lady Vini? if so, add that below too.

If you finish all of the tasks on the sheet and you've done the blog activity, your next mission is to design a contraption which will allow more baby sea turtles to survive their first trip to the ocean. Draw it in your Language books with a brief explanation and then photograph it and post it on here.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ants on the March

This week you have been learning about the humble Ant.
In task D you were asked to find five interesting facts about ants. 

  1. Choose your favourite ant fact and post it as a comment below this post (choose a fact that hasn't already been put up).
  2. Read some other children's facts. Choose one or two of these and click 'Reply' underneath their fact.
  3. Write your name and a short comment about this fact. You may like to add what you learnt from them or a question you had once you read it.
We will look at these next week to see each others reflections.

A Country Like Mine

As part of your reading this week you have been asked to write a series of 10 quiz questions about New Zealand. Now it's time to put them to work.

  1. Choose your best question and post it in the comment section below (make sure you know the correct answer and try not to put a question up that someone else has already posted).
  2. Look at a quiz question that someone else in your group has put up and click 'Reply'.
  3. Write your name and answer to their quiz question (you might like to do another one or two as well).

Next week we will look back at these and you can put the correct answer under your own quiz question.

Monte's first bike riding lesson

The Judd Whanau are off to Otago to do the beautiful Rail Trail. Check out this video of our little Monte having a cycling lesson before they depart...

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Rise of the Badger - Harry Potter Fan Fiction

The user dobby82 on the site has written their own version of the start of the Harry Potter series books. Below are three extracts from this story.  Please read the start of this story and use the comments below to review what you have read.  What do you think?